Safeguard Your Company With Your Personalized Safety Program

Keep So Much More of Your Profits by Protecting Your Employees, Clients, and Job Site

Why is MEND's Safety Program
So Important To My Company?

Companies with a high Modification (Mod) Rate tend to flounder and quickly go out of business. It happens every single day. They bleed money, employees leave because they don’t feel safe, reputations become severely tarnished…then their doors close forever.

Most companies do not understand the costly impact a poor Mod Rate has on their bottom line. Don’t be one of those companies!

MEND’s Safety Program eliminates risk for you and your business by keeping your insurance claims down. This lowers the Total Cost of your insurance premiums and deductibles. By some figures, being proactive provides you with a 7-1 Return on your investment!

Let MEND build and implement a Safety Program that is catered to your specific business so you can keep your hard-earned profits where they belong – in your pocket!

But I Have an Insurance Guy. Doesn’t My Insurance Handle Safety?

In the past, Insurance Providers, Brokers, and Agents used to be your “Safety Guy.” Over time the insurance industry realized they made more money when you actually used their coverages.

When you pay an insurance company, a percentage of that money goes to pay the agent or broker. So, if your insurance guy provides you with an effective safety program, he will be decreasing his own commissions!

Due to this conflict of interest, traditional insurance only deals with about 40% of the risk facing your business. Who’s dealing with your other 60%?

MEND will create a Safety Program for you that will reduce your overall risk, insurance premiums and claims. 

What Would My Personal Safety Program Look Like?

MEND will develop for you a Safety Program that protects your employees, your clients, your job site, and especially your profits. 

By thoroughly conducting a Job Hazard Analysis we can reduce or eliminate potential threats to your Mod Rate. MEND will also conduct an Incident Investigation looking into Employee Injuries. 

We will research your Liability Claims, Vehicle Accidents, and even your “Near Misses.” By determining where each happened and exactly why they happened, you can prevent future occurrences.

Your policies and procedures are reviewed and updated. Training is implemented to reduce injuries and to create a safer work environment for your workforce.

Frequency leads to severity, and MEND’s Safety Program prevents frequency. 

ALL Industries! MEND’s Job Hazard Analysis determines the hazards in any industry. Once the hazards are brought to light, they can be reduced and even eliminated. 

Immediately! Your policies and procedures, along with ensuring the accuracy of your OSHA 300 log, should be reviewed periodically to keep up with the ever-changing workplace regulations.

Your job site becomes safer. With a safer job site, your Mod Rate comes down, your insurance premiums lower, and your company morale goes up.

While repairing a MOD Rate is not an overnight fix, hazards and costly mistakes can be found and corrected generating immediate savings. It takes time to repair a MOD Rate so the best time to start is now!

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