True Costs of Recruiting

The Industry Standard for Hiring C-Suite Talent is 29.4%! 

This percentage is based on annual compensation + bonuses.

We can save you up to 50% off the industry standard pricing!

MEND Recruiting can help you get back on track.

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Why Is Recruiting So Important?

Having the wrong people in key positions within your organization can destroy your company!

Precision recruitment – the best people for specific roles at the right time – is crucial to your success! By ensuring your organization has the strongest talent with the best abilities, experience, and skillsets, you effectively manage your company’s current and future needs as efficiently as possible

Don’t Let Recruiting Keep
You From Your Business!

Recruiting takes up a large portion of your already limited time. The headache of finding and juggling multiple quality candidates while handling your current employees and keeping your business running is a huge amount of stress.

Not to mention the frustration of managing your online reputation for hiring, interviewing, employee relations, running your company, and customer satisfaction. It can all be overwhelming.

Recruiting, Not Only The Wrong Person,
But The Wrong Way Will Absolutely:

Create Unimaginable Liability For You

Destroy Your Reputation

Run Off Your Top Talent

Cause Your Clients To Lose Trust In You

Create Massive Employee Turnover

Your Personal Recruiting Team

Now is the time to get the right people for your company! Today’s job market has become an entirely new landscape since the beginning of last year. Millions upon millions are out of work, thousands of businesses are closing, and employers are making substantial cutbacks to save their companies.

Choosing the right people for your organization has never been more crucial.

MEND Recruiting works very closely with you to understand your specific needs and to match professionals in your industry with your unique business. We take the necessary time to get to know your company, from employees to culture, to ensure we find the top talent to best fit your needs.

With our recruiting expertise, MEND can quickly and efficiently deliver the best people to your business, just as you deserve. Your satisfaction is our guarantee because we stand behind every person we find for you.

We get to know you! Like you, your business is unique. The right person will need to fit into your company culture and understand your goals. MEND Recruiting takes a highly personalized approach to recruiting so that you always get the best people.

MEND Recruiting will be aggressive in the search to bring you the top candidates. Posting your job opening and walking away is what other recruiting firms do. We use the most relevant sourcing tools and our extensive professional network to connect you to talent faster!

MEND Recruiting has a proven track record of placing candidates in the correct roles. By mastering the pattern matching required in reviewing resumes, then verifying the candidate’s skills using proven methods, we ensure matching the strongest candidates to you and your company’s needs.

MEND Recruiting offers years of experience in creating thorough job descriptions. Match that with extensive research of your industry and you get accurate and exciting job descriptions. This will not only capture the candidate’s attention but give them a realistic picture of how they will be working for you.

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