Bullet Proof Your Business
With Managed HR

Managed HR Maximize Profits

Managed HR Starting at $99 a Month!

  • Remove Headaches From Navigating Covid
  • Help Prevent Lawsuits
  • Streamline Your Infrastructure
  • Train You to See Your Blind Spots
  • Decrease Your Turnover
  • Increase Your Communication

What HR Is Not

  • MEND HR is NOT a waste of money, it protects your profits from being drained from government fines and frivolous lawsuits.
  • MEND HR is NOT boring, we actually help bring peace and excitement to your business by helping create a healthy culture.
  • MEND HR is NOT the enemy, we understand as a business owner you want to do certain things. We are here so you spend the least amount of money on things that can be avoided.
  • MEND HR is NOT just about business, we care about PEOPLE and their LIVES.
  • MEND HR is NOT a bunch of rules and regulations, while yes we have to follow the law, we want to help your company create a culture of freedom.

"I Don't Need HR"

Yeah, this is what most business owners say right before they get slapped with a frivolous lawsuit that ends up costing them around $200,000.

You got that laying around? And if you do, wouldn’t you rather keep it?

TRUTH: Judges will side with the jerk that is suing you if your HR Procedures are not in order.

You owe it to yourself to protect your company, your people, and your profits. In today’s business world with off the chart regulations, loopholes, and blindspots, you can’t even see all the danger that can come against you.

That’s our job.

“That Won’t Happen to Me”

Practically every business owner that has ever been sued has said the same thing.

TRUTH: HR is your first line of defense against lawsuits, government fines, and costly mistakes. 

Protect Your Business With
MEND Managed HR

A high-level, in-house HR specialist could cost you a six-figure salary + benefits + bonuses + office space + overhead. MEND offers you all the benefits of a high-level HR specialist without having to shell out for all the extras.

You’ll get 1 Dedicated HR Manager that will treat your business as if it was our own. 

You Can Reach Your Dedicated HR Manager Via




4 Hour Response Time During Normal Business Hours

We Help You

  • Streamline Your Infrastructure (remove the stumbling blocks so you can make money faster!)
  • Help Prevent Lawsuits (so you can focus on your business instead of worrying if you have all your bases covered.)
  • Train You To See Your Blind Spots (teach you the vulnerabilities so you can defend against them & not look weak/foolish)
  • Decrease Your Turnover (manage employee expectations and get everyone up to speed quickly).
  • Increase Communication (when your team is all on the same page, you succeed).
  • Solve tough employee issues when they arise and help prevent issues from ever popping up (so they cause minimal or no damage).

Who Is MEND?

MEND is a Human Resources Solutions Firm with over 20 years of hands-on HR experience in protecting business owners like you. Our clientele is located across the US and ranged from start-ups with a handful of employees to global corporations with thousands of employees. Our primary focus is to protect your profits. We want to keep as much of your money in your bank account as possible. We do this by working with you to structure your HR to protect you from ridiculous lawsuits.

Get MEND Managed HR
Today and
Get These Free Bonuses!

Bonus #1

Total Value $2,500

A handbook is the collection of your policies and procedures along with other vital information regarding the infrastructure of your business.

Without one of these, it practically guarantees you’ll lose a lawsuit.

MEND will create a handbook for your company for FREE!

Bonus #2
Policies & Procedures

Total Value $800

Policies & Procedures, while not sexy, are some of the first things a judge looks to see if you have during a lawsuit.

MEND includes this FREE with Managed HR.

This is a HUGE step in protecting your assets!

Bonus #3

Webinars are an incredible way to expand your professional expertise with very little effort.

MEND offers a new training webinar each quarter aimed at assisting you in becoming a stronger leader through topics such as

  • Time Management
  • Employee Conflict Resolution
  • Organizational Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence

Normally, a webinar would cost around $125 per person. With MEND, you would get the knowledge you need for only $30.00 per person with the basic plan.

For more intensive plans, webinars are included for FREE!


Please Note: Because of the performance-based nature of our services, we only take on a small number of clients per month after carefully screening leads to ensure we can 100% deliver. To find out if we’re a good fit, schedule a call with our HR strategist, today.

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