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Have Simple HR Needs?

Before you check out everything MEND can do for you, check out our Managed HR service that helps you with basic HR Support, policies and procedures!

Why is HR Consulting So Important?

The World right now has enough challenges on its own!

With all the uncertainty in today’s business world, don’t add to that list of challenges the expensive mistakes and potential lawsuits that come from simply not having Human Resources.

Without HR, your company has “Business Blind Spots.” These areas can not only slow down the growth of your company and cause endless troubles for you but can also completely shut you down.

Let MEND HR Consulting guide you through the challenges and reveal your blind spots so that you can prepare for them and protect your company, your profits, and yourself.

MEND Can Help You With

Costs of HR Consulting

The skill-set and experience of a high-level HR person is not only incredibly valuable and crucial to an organization but can also be very pricey. To hire an in-house HR Professional, the financial responsibility you take on would include:

With MEND HR Consulting we work closely with you to create an HR plan that is catered to your specific needs. This way you pay for only what you need and not unnecessary services. Our goal is to provide you with the highest-level HR protection for a price that makes sense for you!

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